Wednesday, May 2, 2012

House District #75 Candidate Hector Enriquez's Shameless Whispering Campaign: An Old-Skool Shout-Out to Compa-Style Politics As Usual In The Valley

Feel free to chalk up Candidate for Texas House District #75 Hector Enriquez's strategy for winning his race as yet another shameless play from the pages of the typical El Paso County Democratic Party establishment, good 'ol boy, compa-style political handbook.

Earlier this month Mr. Enriquez coupled an aggressive whispering campaign dragged along the dusty roads of House District #75 with a desparate flurry of messy tweets and messages strewn over facebook, twitter, and the blog sphere in a shameful effort to sway the valley against his opponent, Mary Gonzalez, by attempting to call her gender, youth, sexual orientation, and decision to pursue an undergraduate and graduate education out of town, into question.

Hector Enriquez knows he can't beat Mary Gonzalez on credentials, experience, or on the issues, so a profligate negative campaign about Mary Gonzalez's intimate life has been thrust into the center of his strategy for swaying voters in the valley toward his campaign's direction with the best lie he's probably ever told anyone in his life:

A young, well-educated, gay woman, who was born and raised in the valley and finished college with a graduate degree and an extensive amount of leadership experience and academic credentials throughout her career is the wrong choice for House District #75; because she's young, she's a woman, she left town for her education, and she's gay.

Since when was running conservative on a hetero-chauvinistic Republican-style platform the ticket for winning a seat in the Democratic Stronghold of Texas?

Quite frankly, I don't know what's more offensive for the lower valley of El Paso, and the surrounding communities of San Elizario, Soccorro, Tornillo, and Horizon about the way Hector Enriquez is running his campaign:

[1] The idea that Hector Enriquez thinks that the lower valley and surrounding communities in House District #75 would buy into a campaign that suggests that women, people who are gay, or young people who leave town to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree are not qualified for and should not run for office in that district, or

[2] The idea that the lower valley of El Paso and surrounding communities are not sophisticated enough to elect the most qualified candidate for State Representative based on the the candidates' experience, education, leadership skills, and proven ability to get the job done.

Hector Enriquez's smear campaign against Mary Gonzalez is typical among traditional establishment politicians in El Paso County; preying on and exploiting the perceived prejudices they hope the people of El Paso County have against people who are different--such as people who are not Hispanic, or who are women, or who are gay, or who are young and are running for office. 

Shame on them and shame on Hector Enriquez for thinking he can win a race for State Representative in District 75 this way. El Paso County can and should put a stop to bigoted politicians who use unethically offensive tactics such as these to win races. El Paso County deserves better. 

For a glimpse at some of Hector Enriquez's tweets and messages check out Jaime Abeytia's Lionstarblog here:

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